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5 Things You Can Do With nSide

nSide is a tool that provides solutions on emergency operation planning, mapping, 360 degree virtual walk-thrus, fleet tracking, live camera feeds, and mass notifications for campuses, facilities, and various organizations. At nSide, we have one mission: we believe everyone deserves to feel safe. To accomplish this, we want to provide every educator and every child with the sense of confidence that comes from planning, preparing and practicing.

As a platform, nSide is structured as:

  • Infrastructure (Where are you? Where do you need to go?)
  • Resources (What do you need? Where is it?)
  • Assets (Who is responsible for what? What skills do they possess?)

This structure follows the concept of place before procedure. People often relate more to information based off of where it is located, thus becoming much more accessible in times of crisis. As of June 2017, nSide is aiding in the protection of over 800,000 children and young adults.

With all of these in mind, below are five things you can do with nSide.

1) Fill out your Emergency Operation Plan

Perhaps the most frequently used portion of nSide is the Emergency Operation Plan documentation. This is where administrators and organizational leaders can document safety plans for specific events and assign other staff members for roles to make sure things are managed properly. While planning and preparing are important parts in any emergency operation, practicing is key to understanding pain points and identifying inefficiencies in your plan. Conceptually, the intersection of infrastructure, resources, and assets make up the EOP.

2) Map Your Campus/Facility

nSide offers a powerful mapping tool that allows leaders to document locations of infrastructure and resources for their facility or campus. The mapping platform is built on Google Maps and provides the ability to customize layers and styles. Furthermore, each feature on campus can be placed in the map, and an infinite amount of attachments can be added to that feature. The attachments can be in the form of text, images, documents, pdf’s, to name a few. The descriptions in the attachments become instantly searchable, which leads to operational efficiency.

3) Lead Discussions on the Community

nSide is first and foremost a community of people with a common goal: to keep each other safe. The nSide Community allows for the interaction among leaders and colleagues in education and safety, communicating and providing feedback or advice to each other on various topics. You can also ask technical questions about the software that will be answered promptly by nSide engineers. Remember: you are not alone!

4) Interact Freely with nSide Team Members

Live chat is available to all of our users. It allows you to interact with a nSide team member who will answer any question or request you may have. Responses are typically within minutes, if not seconds, of the question being asked. Using the Live Chat is the best way to get your questions answered by someone on the Data or Development team, as information is collected about your current session and bugs or processes can be identified and corrected if needed.

5) All-In-One Solution

Beyond EOPs and mapping, nSide also offers value-added services that makes it an all-in-one solution. You can track vehicles with nSide|Fleet, deliver mass notifications for events with nSide|Notify, and capture and view live camera footage with nSide|Live. All of these solutions are housed in the nSide software suite, which make it extremely convenient in managing your daily operations!

For more information, feel free to contact the nSide team at

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