FCC has Released the Emergency Connectivity Fund - $7.17 Billion Available!

The Federal Communications Commission has released the Emergency Connectivity Fund to help schools with remote learning. The application filing window runs until August 13. There are $7.17 billon in funds available and this can be used to support purchasing of technology and hardware to meet needs for remote learning in schools and communities.

Click here to review some things districts and schools can do to get started planning to fill out the application.

Fleet + Wifi

How Can nSide Help?

nSide – The School Safety Platform offers a mobile WiFi solution that gives your students the best opportunity for distance learning: nSide|Fleet+WiFi! The mobile Wifi solution can be installed on school buses and our team can provide a plan for deployment. Our technology solutions ensure a safe learning environment and we provide the best-in-class solutions all together in one platform.

Key Features:

  • nSide|Fleet + WiFi on school buses and or specific location
  • Customized, mapped site identification plan to maximize Distance Learning impact
  • Industrial ruggedized cellular routers for each bus/location
  • Hard installation kits with antennas for each bus/location
  • Up to 800ft of range
  • 8GB per bus, per month of unthrottled data pooled, with a throttled unlimited backup plan
  • Dual SIM simultaneous multi-carrier connectivity (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile)
    • Failover options (multi networks, additional networks)
  • Up to 128 concurrent connections
  • Pool and share data across all devices
  • Usage & data reporting
  • CIPA-Compliant and customizable filters
  • nSide Data Management Portal
    • 24/7 Live Chat
    • Statistical Dashboard
    • Customized Usage Reports
All School Safety in One Place

Each technology upgrade we offer seamlessly integrates with the nSide platform so you can manage all your school’s safety technology in one place. This means that all members of your school’s safety team, including administrators, SROs, law enforcement, EMS, and more can know ahead of time what to do in an emergency, and exactly how to react to save lives.

For more information, please contact:

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