nSide Suite of Products

nSide is a unified, robust platform designed to create better learning environments for students and teachers. Our patent-pending technology keeps your schools safe and secure by providing critical infrastructure maps of your entire campus – including facility assets, mass and segmented communication to reach all stakeholders, and early detection and mitigation opportunities to prevent emergencies.

We focus on 5 key mission areas to ensure schools are safe: prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. These mission areas are the foundation of the nSide platform; every product we offer and every service we provide is founded on them. Each one is pivotal to the insured success of maintaining an environment where children, teachers, and staff members are safe – no matter what arises.


With nSide, you can map all the critical infrastructure in and around your campuses and have 360-degree views of your entire facility.

Emergency Operation Plans

nSide allows for creation and storage of Emergency Operations Plans. The Platform prompts you to fill out the plans and keep them up to date to meet requirements.


We pride ourselves in training, not only on using the nSide Platform, but also school safety practices like drills, table-top exercises, threat assessment, and assemblies.

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