We are launching a new blog series highlighting our incredible staff here at nSide: The School Safety Platform! First up, we have our Chief Data Officer, Robert Nall!

What is your position with nSide: The School Safety Platform?

My position with nSide is Chief Data Officer!

What is your most-used productivity hack?

My most-used productivity hack would have to be the Pomodoro method. This is a method of working in 25 minutes intervals, blocking all distractions, with a 5-minute break between intervals. This helps me get in a rhythm to achieve deep focus.

What 3 items can you not live without?

  • Music – I have a wide pallet when it comes to music, and I like to go out in the Shoals area and watch different artists.
  • Traits of curiosity – I love learning new things. 
  • Plants – My favorite plant is a Boston fern because it reminds me of my trips to the Low-country in South Carolina. 

What is your favorite thing about working at nSide?

We have an excellent team, so the people are great. I would also say I enjoy the challenging work. 

What was your favorite subject in school and why?

My favorite subject in school was History. I believe there are great lessons to be learned from events and individuals throughout time. 

Outside of work, what are your favorite things to do?

I really enjoy fishing out on the Tennessee River, and I enjoy growing a garden throughout the year. Both of these allow for a lot of experimentation.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?

If I could travel anywhere right now, I would travel to Austria. I took several German courses doing undergrad, and I have always been interested in the region.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Three words I would use to describe myself are discerning, reliable, and sensible.