About Us

Although the launch of nSide happened in 2015, we have a much larger and more distinct story to tell. We were one of the first companies to ever address school safety with assistive technologies, and we chose to pair it alongside the hard work of our team and our clients. As we continued in our mission, we developed the simple, yet fundamental approach that We Can Help. Now, with thousands of schools using our patent-pending approach, we can say with certainty that we are on the right track to better protect our teachers and their students.

How We Help

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“The nSide team offers superior customer service that provides technical support and quick responses to safety inquiries.”

Cythia F.

“It is the people who make nSide what it is, and why we always have great outcomes when working with them.”

Chris H.

“They always answer my questions thoroughly and promptly, no matter how complex or simple the question may be. I would feel lost without them!”

Aimee B.