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The first quarter of 2022 brought some incredible opportunities and immense growth to nSide. From a major partnership with the Mississippi Department of Education, multiple Alabama State Community Colleges, and numerous districts across the Southeast, the first three months of the year have been nothing short of BUSTLING.

nSide Partners with Mississippi Public Schools

A new health and school safety platform will be available at no cost to 140 Mississippi school districts that recently opted to receive the service to create a safer and better learning environment for students, teachers, and staff.

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) announced plans to use $14 million of its American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) III funds to purchase the web-based nSide health and school safety platform.

Mississippi’s use of the nSide platform includes the ability to create, store, and distribute an Emergency Operations Plan within the nSide platform, access to a navigable “virtual campus” created with 360-degree photos of all schools and district central offices, a rapid emergency notification application for instances such as medical, fire, or other potential emergency situations as well as the option to participate in the surveillance module of the platform by receiving one surveillance camera per district central office and up to five surveillance cameras per school.


One of the most distinguishing features about nSide has to be the interactive maps and the 360-degree photos of campus interiors. Our mapping teams come out to each campus to collect these images and plot critical infrastructure points that will aid in emergency planning and response. nSide puts a focus on place and how knowing and utilizing location can and will save lives. This quarter, we tackled some major mapping projects across Alabama and North Carolina with a collective 7,711,323 square feet mapped.


  • Total Sq. Feet: 5,159,202
  • Map Features: 17,435
  • Feature Attachments: 52,604
  • nSide|Views: 5,325


  • Total Sq. Feet: 1,856,900
  • Map Features: 7,281
  • Feature Attachments: 40,837
  • nSide|Views: 1,774


  • Total Sq. Feet: 57,222
  • Map Features: 386
  • Feature Attachments: 1,362
  • nSide|Views: 110


  • Total Sq. Feet: 52,204
  • Map Features: 379
  • Feature Attachments: 1,127
  • nSide|Views: 110


  • Total Sq. Feet: 585,795
  • Map Features: 2,704
  • Feature Attachments: 15,473
  • nSide|Views: 747



The nSide|Live project at Walker County is one of the largest in company history! We installed 408 Verkada Cameras and 64 Verkada Sensors used for everything from vape detection to increased noise levels.


Autauga County called on nSide for both our nSide|Live and nSide|Boost modules. We installed 15 Eagle Eye cameras across the Autauga County Board of Education, Annex, and Chapter One facility and two Quatra 4000 systems to boost cell signal across the interior of their schools.


In the first quarter of 2022, we welcomed 11 new members to the nSide team!


  • Mary Beth Willis, Content Marketing Specialist
  • John Clayton, Field Mapping Technician
  • Rashad Thompson, Field Mapping Crew Chief
  • Colton Dennis, Field Mapping Technician
  • Cameron Gooch, Data Intern
  • Cooper Johnson, Data Intern


  • Katrina Yates, Jr. Web Developer
  • Mark Johnson, Jr. Web Developer
  • Cody Daffinson, Jr. Web Developer


  • Chase McQueen, Installer
  • John Vitollo, Installer

nSide|Lockdown Course Rolls Out

nSide introduced its most recent module, nSide|Lockdown, in late 2021. This module provides all staff, teachers, and administrators access to a mobile app capable of initiating an emergency notification within 5 seconds.

We have added a self-paced course to learn how to set up and use the application to nSide|Academy – be sure to check it out if you are using nSide|Lockdown!

nSide Out In The World

nSide team members attended conferences across Alabama and Mississippi this quarter connecting with current and future partners!

  • Alabama Association of Prevention, Attendance, and Support Services
  • Mississippi Association of School Administrators
  • Mississippi School Board Association

A Message from our CEO

Reflecting on accomplishments can be difficult and often overshadowed by the day-to-day tasks and the major and minor projects requiring our attention, but I’ve come to realize that sitting back and celebrating the wins, both big and small is important for the longevity of any company. Seeing the hard work and effort that our team has put in over the last three months gives me immense pride and hope for the future of our schools, our students, and our company.

We show up every day knowing that the work we do makes a difference. Education is a universal experience in our country and we are honored to continue to pursue ways to make schools safer and create a better learning environment for students and teachers.