Planning Team

The Facilities Manager can help with emergency planning by forming their own collaborative planning team, which may consist of:

What role does the Facilities Coordinator play in school safety?

Prioritize Threats and Hazards

Conduct site and capacity assessments regularly to determine potential impact of threats and hazards to the school buildings and grounds.

Determine the Objectives in an Emergency

Identify Courses of Action

Build a plan based on the objectives determined in the previous step. Assign courses of action that address the who, what, when, where, and how for achieving them. The Facilities Coordinator may plan and conduct scenario-based training to imagine how different situations may play out and how to respond to each.

Prepare, Review, and Approve Plans

In the review stage of planning, make sure that the latest versions of building maps and floor plans of the school are included in the draft of the EOP. Check to be sure all equipment and utilities on the map are accurate and up-to-date. This information is crucial for first responders to have so that they can move quickly through a school in an emergency and check that all areas are secure and that people are located and given help as efficiently as possible.

Implement, Revise, and Maintain Plans

Provide the entire school and/or district with training and opportunities for practice in the most common emergency scenarios. Provide feedback and revise plans after an event (whether a true emergency or a training exercise) so that the EOP can be strengthened according to the needs of the individual school community.