IMPORTANT: CARES Act Public Survey

IMPORTANT: CARES Act Public Survey


The CARES Act provides one-time, relief funds to respond to the impact of school closures due to COVID-19. Districts and schools across the state are currently in the midst of responding to the immediate, urgent needs of students and families. This requires significant time, effort, and energy focused on both academics and whole child needs. The priority of Alabama public education will remain ensuring our children are safe and healthy. Next, the state must determine the most impactful ways to support the response work already happening in schools and in future recovery efforts through these one-time funds.

The survey questions are intended to help the state prioritize the use of these federal funds. Initial stakeholder feedback was taken into account to narrow the focus of the survey; however, additional comments should be sent to COVID19SCHOOLS@ALSDE.EDU.

This is an incredibly challenging time for everyone, and communities across Alabama are coming together to find solutions. We appreciate your feedback and reflections on the best next steps to support children and schools in Alabama.

Submission Deadline: Monday, April 20, 2020

It is critical to get funds to districts as soon as possible, so that they may effectively plan and implement critical work for supporting students. The timeline was created to both solicit public feedback and to ensure relief funds are distributed as soon as possible.

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