Police Officer vs. School Resource Officer

A School Resource Officer is a career law enforcement officer who has been specially trained and assigned to work in an educational environment. This is in contrast to a police officer or security guard who has just been hired to work at the school. SROs serve as a valuable contribution to the school-safety team by ensuring a safe and secure environment while also educating students about law-related topics.

Beyond the Badge

Although a School Resource Officer’s main responsibility is to provide a highly visible presence to deter intruders and handle any active threats that may arise, they are also responsible for :

  • Assisting school administrators in maintaining a safe and secure learning environment
  • Developing strategies to resolve problems among student
  • Educating staff and students on various law-related topics

Importance of the SRO

In any emergency situation, seconds matter. Violence and threats of violence in schools are on the rise, making a law enforcement officer stationed within the school a reasonable and necessary precaution to ensure the safety of students and staff. Ultimately, administrators, faculty, and staff are the first responders to campus emergencies. However, the safety of a school can be enhanced by the presence of someone who is capable of intervening quickly in an emergency.


nSide School Safety Platform™

The nSide School Safety Platform™ is our core product and can help your school plan for emergencies and perform critical tasks to make sure everyone knows what actions to take in the event that they occur.


  • Critical Infrastructure Mapping
  • Creation, management, and storage of Emergency Operations Plans
  • Training for administrators and staff


nSide|Live™ brings all of the different sources of your cameras into the nSide Platform and allows for a simple, easy-to-use technology for your camera solution.


  • Real-time viewing of your campus surveillance system within the nSide platform
  • The ability to share access to cameras with local first responders
  • Allows local administrators to control which users have day-to-day access to cameras


nSide|Views™ provides users with a virtual walk-through, using the same user-friendly look and feel of Google StreetView inside your buildings.


  • 360-degree photographs in hallways, rooms, and common areas
  • The ability to share access to photos with local first responders
  • Images can be linked together to create a virtual tour of the building