nSide Newsletter 2019 – Q4

Lately, we’ve been discussing what it looks like to keep you in the loop and informed of what we’re doing here at nSide. Our efforts landed us here, as we send out the first issue of our Quarterly Newsletter!

In an attempt to fill in the blanks for anything you’ve missed, we have assembled a brief overview of our blogs, media mentions, current events, and published news articles. We hope directing you to these outlets will provide an opportunity to celebrate your school’s safety advancements and success stories, as well as guide insight as to how you can become more involved with us.

nSide’s primary vision hinges on crucial emergency planning in schools and the organization of simple, yet innovative preparedness. We not only want to supply you with the tools to keep classrooms safe; we want to empower you to create habits, execute plans, and continue training with what strategies are currently in-place. We are here to provide help and support every area of your school safety needs. If you have any questions pertaining to these areas, we encourage you to continue scrolling and contact our live chat support team.

We hope this quarter has served you well, and we eagerly await the coming months as we progress in our efforts to share our mission with you!

Below you’ll find attached news and highlights, from October leading up to December.

Top Articles

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency | October 22, 2019 ALSDE, ALEA, nSide Team Up for School Safety with Alabama Emergency Alert System for Education

Alabama State Department of Education | October 22, 2019|ALSDE, ALEA, and nSide Team Up for School Safety with the Emergency Alert System for Education (AEASE)

Twin States News | October 23, 2019 | Alabama Emergency Alert System for Education

Selma Times-Journal | December 11, 2019 | Dallas County Schools Recognized for nSide Innovation Award

Blog Posts


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The School Safety Summit for Alabama – December 2019

The Summit provides an excellent opportunity to network with first responders and education officials, while brushing up on the latest school safety advancements and resources.

Top Tweets

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Top Instagram Posts

nSide Founder and CEO, Dr. Steve McKinney, teaching others about “wayfinding” today. We are happy to have a role in the Alabama School Safety Task Force regional training! #alabamaschools#schoolsafety #safetytraining #wayfinding

We are so grateful for every speaker and guest that was able to attend the 2019 School Safety Summit for Alabama! Can’t wait to see what next year brings. #SchoolSafety #StudentSafety #SchoolSafetyAlabama

nSide camera installation at Vina High School. We’re happy to provide this additional layer of surveillance! #schoolsafety #videosurveillance #nSide

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