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Alabama Schools Must Have Updated Emergency Operations Plans

Emergency planning is essential to the safety of students and staff in Alabama schools. Each year, starting July 1st, Alabama schools are required to re-enter their emergency operations plans into the nSide platform. School districts in Alabama are required to make sure their Emergency Operations Plan is updated and fully compliant with the state mandate.

New Emergency Operations Plans are Required July 1st

On July 1st each year, the existing EOPs for the previous school year become void and need to be re-entered into the nSide platform. This means that each school will be responsible for making sure the information in the EOP is up to date and everyone in the school community knows exactly how to execute these plans in the event of an emergency. Taking the time to make sure your EOPs are ready to go can save valuable moments that can very literally mean the difference between life and death when the unthinkable happens.

What should all Alabama School Emergency Operations Plans Contain?

Each Alabama Emergency Operations Plan contains a myriad of directives that need to be completed to not only satisfy a government requirement, but also make your school safer. As per Alabama rules, each EOP needs to contain the following items:

  • Introduction & Statement of Commitment
    • Statement of Commitment
  • EOP Core Planning Team   
    • School EOP Core Planning Team
    • School Comprehensive Emergency Telephone Listing
  • NIMS & ICS  
    • Staff Skills Survey & Inventory
    • Incident Command System Roles
  • List of Materials 
    • List of Materials and Equipment
    • Basic Resources Needed
  • Hazard-Specific Annexes 
    • Identification of Hazards (School Grounds)
    • Identification of Hazards (Classroom)
    • Identification of Hazards (Along Evacuation Routes)
    • Identification of Hazards (Neighborhood and Communities)
    • Analysis of Identified Hazards
  • Functional Annexes   
    • General Emergency Procedures
  • Drill & Training Reports

nSide Makes Alabama EOPs Easy

All public schools in Alabama are registered nSide users. If you are an nSide user,  you can easily check to see if your school’s EOP is compliant or not, or check in with our live chat and our team can run a report that analyzes your EOP in comparison with Alabama requirements. Our platform is set up to check your compliance automatically and let you know areas that need improvement. We can also help you digitally collect all information from everyone involved in the safety process, making the process of updating your EOPs quick and easy. If you’re unsure of how to better format your EOPs, or if you’re one of the schools that is due for compliance monitoring in the 2021-2022 school year, we can help you get everything prepared.

Watch this video to see how to properly update your Alabama School EOP

We can help make your school’s EOP easier and more effective! Call us today to find out how!