A&T Funding

What is A&T Funding?

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced earlier this year that the state of Alabama  is giving away funds for schools to improve their school’s safety. According to the State memorandum, the money can be used for repairs and deferred maintenance, classroom instruction support, insuring facilities, transportation, school security, and education technology and equipment. Each K12 school district in the state has been allocated a portion of  the total $206million dollars package to purchase these upgrades. Alabama higher education, including community colleges,  have been awarded $76 million. 


Why are technology upgrades important in Alabama schools?

This funding comes at a critical time in the state, as many schools are still working through gaps in technology and access revealed by the COVID-19 crisis. At a time when many students are tracking behind grade level,  this key injection of funding can help Alabama school students feel safer and enable learning to flourish in the new school year.  One of the key uses for these funds as outlined by Governor Ivey is for “School security measures as a component of a systemwide security plan”. Because the nSide platform is registered to all public schools in the state of Alabama, all public schools in Alabama can now upgrade their nSide base platform to include camera systems, door lock system, fleet management, and many other technology add-ons, and will qualify for the funding. 

What can you do with the 2021 Alabama A&T Funding money?

All Alabama schools already have the base platform. The following technology upgrades are eligible at NO COST TO YOU because the funding will be coming from the Alabama A&T fund:

Each technology upgrade we offer seamlessly integrates with the nSide platform so you can manage all your school’s safety technology in one place. This means that all members of your school’s safety team, including administrators, SROs, law enforcement, EMS, and more can know ahead of time what to do in an emergency, and exactly how to react to save lives. 

The Deadline to Apply is August 17, 2021.

As with all state funding, these funds are available to claim until the August 17 deadline, and will then no longer be available. It’s a “use it or lose it” offer. If your school is in need of safety and technology upgrades, we can help you apply. 

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