HANNA, OKLAHOMA, February 28, 2024 — nSide, The School Safety Platform, is proud to announce the successful completion of a nSide|Mapping project in collaboration with Hanna Public Schools in Hanna, Oklahoma.

This project provides Hanna Public Schools with cutting-edge dynamic mapping solutions to ensure a safer and more secure environment for students, teachers, and staff. 

nSide|Views provides users with detailed 360° images of their campus and allows a virtual walkthrough. nSide uses a specialized mapping process to provide the same user-friendly look and feel of Google Street View inside your buildings. Each image acts as a strategic point of reference, empowering school administrators to make informed decisions during emergencies and streamline safety protocols. 

Upon completion of the project, 4 buildings were mapped, and over 100 nSide|Views were captured. 

About nSide: The School Safety Platform:

nSide is a provider of comprehensive school safety solutions dedicated to creating safe and secure learning environments for educational institutions across the nation. nSide offers an integrated platform that addresses all aspects of school security, from emergency preparedness to risk assessment and communication strategies.

nSide’s mission is to provide educators, administrators, and safety personnel with the resources they need to prioritize safety, enhance preparedness, and foster a culture of safety within their schools.

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