About Us

nSide is your educational partner in school safety creating better learning environments for students and teachers. We are a full scale platform that begins with prevention and planning to get you on the right track in implementing protection, mitigation, response and recovery.

How We Help

Campus Mapping

Upload floor plans and map critical infrastructure points like emergency equipment, utilities, classrooms, and offices.

Emergency Operation Plans

Create and maintain digital EOPs, log reports on drills, and distribute skills surveys for assigning roles.


Train your staff with our subject matter experts. We specialize in emergency operations planning, threat assessment, and more.


Integrate with our modules for surveillance, access control, fleet management, and communications.

nSide the numbers


School Systems


Map Features






SQFT Mapped


Emergency Drills


"I love nSide because they are always available to "chat" and answer any safety question I may have. They will create a map, fix cameras, and give you the most up-to-date information! Thank you, nSide!"

Susan C.

"nSide is great because it is a one-stop shop place to host all of our safety needs. The staff of nSide are friendly and always ready to help!"

Norman L.

"The nSide Platform gives us direct access to many safety features for our school and district. The nSide staff is always there to assist whenever needed. The transportation part of nSide is a great tool when working with bus routes and school transportation!"

Michael C.