Mississippi Project Information

We are excited to embark on our partnership with the state of Mississippi and your district to increase school safety and create a better learning environment for your students and teachers.

As we begin this project, we first want to assure you that we are here to take care of you. We will onboard your schools to the platform, and offer training on how to use it, school safety best practices, and drills and training. nSide is here to make the process of increasing school safety easier.

For a full understanding of this project please read through the Mississippi Welcome Packet. Full details regarding the roll-out of this project and folks on your team that need to be involved can be found here.

For questions or concerns regarding the security and privacy of your school’s information, please check out our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Click here to see the status of your district for the various stage of this project.


From the beginning of this project, we have been hosting weekly webinars. If you have missed any of those or need a refresher on the information we’ve covered, check out the recordings.

Where To Submit Information

The first item that needs to be submitted is the District Consent Form. This form indicates your district’s willingness to share all required information within the outlined timeline for this project.

After the District Consent form is submitted, we need information submitted for each school. School information can be submitted via the School Information Form. Please note: a separate form must be submitted for each individual school. DO NOT submit information for all schools in one form.

Lockdown App

We have outlined the step-by-step process for getting your users onboarded to the Lockdown App so you can begin using this feature of the project as soon as possible. 

Find those instructions here on our Lockdown App webapge.

Got Questions? We've got answers.

1. Why is school safety important? 

Children are our future and creating a better learning environment for students and teachers is vital to the learning process. When students and teachers feel safe, they are able to turn their attention to learning the curriculum, engaging in social interactions with their peers, participating in extracurricular activities, and preparing them for the school years ahead and adulthood afterward.  

2. What does nSide do? 

nSide is a technology solution for schools that encompasses all aspects of school safety. Our platform is capable of providing: 

  • Emergency Operations Planning 
  • Campus Mapping
  • Live camera feeds
  • Access control
  • Behavioral and Site Threat Assessments
  • Fleet tracking and mobile hotspot capabilities
  • Mass communication system
  • Cell coverage booster 


3. What makes nSide different from other companies? 

nSide is a unified platform that integrates all of the elements of school safety into one place – making it easier to access and share information among staff,  administrators, and first responders. 

We are not a “set it and forget it” kind of company. We work alongside you through the whole process – from the decision to use the platform through the onboarding process, the installation of all of the hardware, and training and support, we are with you.

nSide doesn’t simply provide a framework for emergency planning, we provide a new way you think about school safety overall. 

4. What is different about using nSide compared to what I am already doing for school safety?

While most schools already have an Emergency Operations Plan, it is typically in a paper format in a folder or binder kept in an administrator’s office. This inhibits the flow of information and in an emergency situation, time can be lost in an attempt to track down vital information. By using nSide, the EOP is easily accessible for all administrators and other key personnel. Schools also have the ability to share access to their EOP and campus maps with local emergency responders so they are better equipped to respond in the event of an emergency. 

5. Can my old/current cameras be integrated into nSide?

Typically, yes, however, this is evaluated on a case by case basis. Several factors determine the ability to integrate the camera feed into the nSide platform and sometimes this can require additional hardware. During our on-site visit with your schools, we will evaluate the current system and make a determination on the integration possibilities.

6. Is there any cost from the district?
For the items included in the contract with MDE, there is no cost for the districts as long as they opt-in to the project by the survey deadline on February 25th at 5pm. This mean the Emergency Operations planning, Campus Mapping, nSide|Live, nSide|Views, and nSide|Lockdown are covered along with the installation of all hardware and all training. Anything outside of the scope of the project will be an additional cost for districts/schools.

7. How do I opt-in to participate?

District Superintendents received an email with a survey link to complete that gives the options for opting in and opting out. The survey link is the only way to indicate you’d like to participate in this project. Registering for an account on the nSide website does not indicate your decision to participate.

9. What are the next steps after I have opted-in? 

Once the deadline for the survey has closed, nSide will receive a list from MDE with the districts who have elected to participate. nSide will be sending a Welcome Packet to every district and school that will be participating in the project. Inside the packet, there will be instructions on what to do next including how to submit necessary information and when initial meetings will be scheduled.

Have a question we didn’t answer here? Email announcements@nside.io