nSide Quaterly Newsletter-Q1-2020

nSide Newsletter 2020-Q1

Hi, everyone!

We recently began this push to develop newsletters that keep you current with our efforts here at nSide. At the start of 2020, our expectations for what was to come were nothing compared to the surprising quarter ahead. The outbreak of COVID-19 has swiftly changed the course of many plans, but we are grateful to be here for our community as we learn how best to care for our schools throughout this event. Our team has compiled a quick rundown of top blogs, media mentions, current events, and pandemic resources for you. We hope that featuring this media will better express our mission to keep schools safe, as well as develop a culture that acknowledges each challenging moment and celebration along the way.

If you have any questions or desire further information about these resources, our team is here to help. We not only want to supply you with the tools to keep classrooms safe; we want to empower you to create habits, execute plans, and continue training with the strategies you have in-place. If you have any concerns in regard to these areas, we encourage you to contact our live chat support team at help@nside.io.

We hope this quarter has served you well, and we eagerly await the coming months as we progress in our efforts to share this mission with you!

Below you’ll find attached news and highlights, from January leading up to March.

COVID-19 Resources

As public health news continues to circulate, we will continue assembling information, guidelines, processes, and tools to help our schools during this difficult time.

  1. Season 2, Episode 2: Biological Hazards Planning and Mental Health Secondary Trauma of Social Distancing

In this episode we introduce new processes within nSide to help schools with Biological Hazards Planning and interview Anna Watts, a School Safety Specialist and Certified Youth Mental Health Trainer.

  1. School Pandemic Resources

This page refers to any concerns about school closures, current rate of infection, and general FAQs. Our pandemic resources page actively tracks news sources to stay relevant on The Alabama Department of Health and State news. (Alabama notices for COIVD-19)

  1. Pandemic Planning Assessment

Our team has created an assessment to provide guidance on the Pandemic Planning section of your emergency operation plan.

  1. Public Health Planning folders in the nSide Platform (under Documents)

We created a Pandemic Planning folder for you within the nSide Platform! We did this to help your school create a structured plan, specifically related to biological hazards and the outbreak of COVID-19

Blog Posts


nSide gives back in honor of Forest Hills Elementary receiving the Attorney General’s 2019 Safe School Award! We are so proud of Florence City Schools and the initiatives taking place within this community.

Top Tweets

Top Instagram Posts

BTS from our podcast production. Stay tuned to see what we’re discussing this week! #schoolsafety #planning #podcast #contentcreator #content #edleaders #education

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love our cause to keep schools safe, and we feel passionately about pursuing it with new vigor each day. This is the team equipped to do just that. #team #teamwork #schoolsafety #safetyculture #support #education #valentinesday #collaboration

Our team installed 48 cameras for Booker T. Washington High School. We are so happy to partner with you in keeping AL schools safe and secure! #schoolsafety #safetyculture #support #edtech #education

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