nSide Partners with Macon County Sheriff’s Office

MACON, AL – March 30, 2020 – After over a decade of providing the safety platform for schools across the southeast, nSide Inc. has branched out to new beginnings. Sheriff Andre’ Brunson has partnered with the nSide team to turn Macon County into a virtual setting for surveillance throughout office and jail perimeters. 

Upon taking office as sheriff of Macon County in 2015, Sheriff Brunson had served as a former deputy for 23 years and as School Resource Officer for the local district. With an extensive background of maintaining public safety, he understands the implications of not being properly prepared. His team began this project with nSide in hopes to speed police response time, through the use of remote access and real-time coverage for any potential emergency event. 

When invited to share his experience, Brunson recalls his plan to take initiative with nSide for years. He notes that throughout his time serving as an SRO, he often checked the nSide platform when incidents arose. He states, “I had this dream of when I became sheriff that I could have this system in my office to protect the school system. You know, I could watch the cameras from here just in case we had a school shooter or something going on inside the school. I would have an advantage by seeing it here in my office.”

The department received an installation of 49 new surveillance cameras over the course of four days. The department has also contracted nSide to place smart TV’s, in-office and in dispatch, for easy camera viewing beyond typical capabilities on web and mobile devices.

When asked what led him to this partnership Brunson remarks, “One of the things that I pride myself on is I love dealing with the kids. I love dealing with the school system, and that’s what got me into nSide.” 

nSide looks forward to continuing this relationship with the Macon County police department and supplying local law enforcement with technologies to keep schools safe. For more information on this project, contact Dr. McKinney at or at 1-800- 604-1822.

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