nSide Quaterly Newsletter Q2-2020

nSide Newsletter 2020-Q2

Every quarter, we send out the best of what we’ve done here at nSide. This recap covers even more ground than usual, as we’ve found ourselves pushing the limits to what we can achieve as a team. After extensive testing, our latest technologies have been presented to take your school’s safety measures to the next level. Our platform continues to evolve amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, so we have offered up what we know to be the smartest and most efficient solutions. In the wake of this outbreak, our team has been assessing and providing every resource possible to support your needs. We hope that by unifying these tools into our platform, you might be able to rest in the assurance that nSide is your one-stop solution for any school safety concern.

Our team is always here to assist you in emergency situations, and we recognize that this quarter is unique to experiences that we’ve had in recent years. However, there is much to celebrate in your school’s immediate response and care for students! We will continue to find innovative ways to build up this community and provide you with relevant, accurate information to come. As always, growth is great! Below you can find an assortment of our latest news and most engaged social media posts from March leading up to June. If you have any questions about these updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us at help@nside.io. Thanks for spending this quarter with us!

New Technologies

Surveillance – We are proud to announce that we are now partnered with Verkada to bring your school the latest in video surveillance technology and emergency planning. Every K-12 public school in Alabama has access to and utilizes nSide – The School Safety Platform. Now, all of your video surveillance cameras can be viewed in one platform for sharing with other school officials, law enforcement, E-911 and emergency responders! These video surveillance cameras can also integrate with your existing maps and floor plans. We can perform an assessment of your school’s camera needs and let you personally experience the additional layer of protection this system provides for faculty, staff, and students.

Mobile WiFi – In addition to our new video surveillance technology, we are also offering a Mobile Wifi Solution! We hope to provide your students with the best opportunity for distance learning, as we recognize that every school district across the state can benefit from easily accessible hotspots. This new solution can be installed on school buses or at any specific location that your administrators deem necessary. Our goal is to save you time by providing speedy technologies and connectivity that makes e-learning a breeze, all while unifying systems together in one platform. As always, we at nSide believe that ensuring a safe learning environment is top priority to guarantee the health and success of all students, and we are here to help.

Blog Posts

Top Reminders

As you prep for the new school year, you might notice the sections in the EOP page are now yellow. These are reset on July 1, 2020. The yellow shading on the EOP and the Notice button indicates it is time for your annual EOP review. If the Notice button also has a specific entry, you will need to address that issue along with the review. The green shading on the EOP means that it is up to date for the current school year. As always, let us know if we can help!

Top Tweets

Top Instagram Posts

Beautiful day for mounting a Point-to-Point connection with the new Verkada 4K Cameras! We’re wrapping up on the Notasulga High School football field.

A little throwback from Decatur’s Lockdown training!

Our team has been out mapping Houston County Schools for our latest partnership! We are so thrilled with the beginnings of this project.

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