nSide Releases Elevated Temperature Screening for Schools

nSide|Live + ETS

As schools begin to reopen, temperature checks are becoming a critical demand in the welcoming of students to in-person, classroom curriculum. Many schools are seeking the best routes to mitigate risks and engage in biological hazards planning. In an attempt to follow these plans and curb the spread of COVID-19, these temperature detecting technologies will provide an opportunity to care for students that are unable or unwilling to continue distance learning. 

But the question being raised is: How can schools safely scan the temperature of each student that walks in the door? In an effort to save your school’s time, and maintain the safest measure of social distancing possible, our team is partnering with a new Eagle Eye solution. 

We are committed to helping schools ensure the health of all students, so after extensive research we are equipping a new, nSide|Live + ETS (Elevated Temperature Screening) product to support efforts necessary to tend to this pandemic. Typical protocol for scanning temperatures will include checkpoints prior to students stepping on buses, as well as lobby check points for students approaching the main entrance. In doing so, schools have the ability to send students to a designated isolation area, with a school nurse, until the student may be dismissed without threat of potential spread. 

Our solution uses cameras, installed with thermographic imaging, to scan the temperatures of up to 45 students at once. As multiple students are scanned, while maintaining social distance, our system will automatically detect temperatures above 100°F with use of infrared cameras and AI systems. nSide|Live + ETS locates and scans each person’s eye ducts, providing the core and most accurate body temperature possible. Rather than expose door monitors to face-to-face screening, this solution will immediately send alerts of any raised temperature to the administrators. By locating people with symptoms of COVD-19 before they enter the school, everyone stays safe and healthy – 100% passive and in real-time!

When students wear glasses, the detection will jump to the forehead to read temperatures, and this screening can take place while a steady stream of students and faculty step through the door. Our team at nSide is here to supply schools with the smartest and safest solutions, and we confidently believe that this technology will further protect all students, teachers, administrators, and staff. As communities begin tailoring their approach to COVID-19, we hope to be of help and reassurance that our schools can operate in the safest manner possible.

If you have any questions regarding this new solution or are in need of any guidance resources for schools reopening, please contact our team by emailing help@nside.io or by phone at +1 (800) 604-1822.

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