Group of children with face mask back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.

nSide Newsletter 2020-Q3

In the 3rd quarter of this year, many schools across the country started back to instruction one way or another. We have been with you every step of the way and will continue to do so. With COVID-19 and the unprecedented nature of schooling this year, we have presented several solutions to help mitigate this transition, keeping the future in mind beyond the pandemic. These tools keep you in one platform, keeping you organized under one umbrella without having to worry about remembering credentials to other applications. These tools also have applicability beyond COVID-19, helping to keep your schools safe, organized, and functioning at its best. Lastly, the State of Alabama has provided emergency funding through the Coronavirus Relief Fund for acquiring these solutions, but ONLY FIFTEEN PERCENT of the funds allotted for Education Health and Wellness and Educational Remote Learning Devices have been expended throughout the State. The deadline for using this funding opportunity is December 15, 2020.

Below is a highlight of what we developed over the summer.

nSide|Fleet + WiFi

  • We offer a mobile WiFi solution that gives your students the best opportunity for distance learning. The mobile Wifi solution can be installed on school buses and our team can provide a plan for deployment throughout your community. Our tech solutions ensure a safe learning environment and we provide the best-in-class solutions all together in one platform. As an added bonus, we have implemented our BusSOS™ solution, which is an emergency panic button that connects directly to E-911 call centers to provide a location of the emergency.

nSide|Live + ETS

  • Our new nSide|Live + ETS product uses cameras, installed with thermographic imaging, to scan the temperatures of up to 1000 people in an hour. As multiple students are scanned, while maintaining social distance, our system will automatically detect temperatures above 100°F with use of infrared cameras and AI systems. The system locates and scans each person’s eye ducts, providing the core and most accurate body temperature possible. Rather than expose door monitors to face-to-face screening, this solution will immediately send alerts of any raised temperature to the administrators.

Beyond COVID-19

All of these current or future upgrades are possible and become easy fixes if a school uses their CARES Act funding. Don’t deprive your district of this opportunity!

Districts and School That Have Partnered with nSide in Q3-2020

nSide|EdgeFort Payne City Schools
nSide|EdgeHuntsville ACSTE
nSide|Fleet+WiFiMacon County Schools
nSide|Fleet+WiFiCoffee County Schools
nSide|Fleet+WiFiVestavia Hills City Schools
nSide|Fleet+WiFiWinston County Schools
nSide|Fleet+WiFiHenry County Schools
nSide|Fleet+WiFiBullock County Schools
nSide|Fleet+WiFiFairfield City Schools
nSide|Fleet+WiFiCovington County Schools
nSide|Fleet+WiFiDallas County Schools
nSide|Fleet+WiFiChilton County Schools
nSide|Fleet+WiFiRussellville City Schools
nSide|LiveTuskegee Institute Middle School
nSide|LiveFort Payne City Schools
nSide|LiveAutauga County Schools
nSide|LiveUniversity of Montevallo – Palmer Hall
nSide|Live+ETSFlorence City Schools ETS
nSide|LiveHuntsville ASCTE; Cameras
nSide|LiveFranklin County Schools
nSide|LiveUniversity of Montevallo
nSide|LiveSylacauga City Schools
nSide|LiveThomasville City Schools

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