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nSide Awarded Surveillance and Access Control Projects in Colbert County (AL) and Bessemer City (AL)

nSide recently received two awards for surveillance and access control projects in Colbert County and Bessemer City, Alabama.

Colbert County awarded a district-wide integrated system for physical security to nSide. This will include over 250 4K security cameras, as well as over 100 doors for an access control system. All of these new features will be accessible on the same platform, allowing the district to seamlessly manage their security from within their existing nSide platform.

Bessemer City awarded an access control solution that will be integrated into the nSide platform. This project will include access control on 81 total exterior doors in a cloud-based access control system that can be controlled remotely if needed. This project will include a three-year service contract that includes technical support and training at the end of installation.

At the completion of this project, these districts will have fully-integrated cloud-based access control, meaning they will be able to remotely lock down or secure the perimeters of any school in their district. They will also have the ability to remotely lock or unlock exterior doors for the purpose of emergency response.

The key to both of these awards was integration. The nSide platform has the capability to integrate both surveillance cameras and access control systems so that all school safety tools are working together in one place.

nSide’s New Landing Page

On February 1st, nSide gave its landing page an all-new look! Now, users can:

  • Easily navigate to different parts of the platform using our new user-friendly icons and menus
  • Personalize their experience by uploading a profile picture and editing preferences
  • Find links to nSide|Academy, nSide|Community, and Live Chat as soon as you log in
  • Access the Organization Manager from the landing page
  • and much more!

nSide hopes to give its users an easier, more efficient experience than ever.

New nSide Content

  • New nSide|Community Articles:

Statement on Recent Storms

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the recent storms in Mississippi. Thank you to all the first responders and volunteers who have helped in recovery efforts following this tragedy.

Mapping Projects in Quarter 1

In Quarter 1 of 2023, nSide completed 17 mapping projects across the states of Alabama and Mississippi:


  • Desoto County School District
  • Harrison County School District
  • Lowndes County School District
  • Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated District
  • Humphreys County School District
  • Western Line School District
  • Leland School District
  • Yazoo City Municipal School District
  • North Bolivar School District
  • West Point Consolidated School District
  • Noxubee County School District
  • Lincoln County School District
  • Brookhaven School District


  • Dale County School District
  • Shelton State Community College
  • Colbert County Schools
  • Lurleen B. Wallace Community College


  • 13.7 million square feet mapped
  • 15 districts
  • 114 schools
  • 20,049 nSide|Views (360 images) uploaded