Upcoming Webinar: EOP Functional Annexes Migration

The functional annex has been streamlined to address the following areas: Communication, Evacuation, Secure Perimeter, Lockdown, Reunification, Recovery, and Crisis Management.

Both the updated and older versions of the functional annexes are available to you in nSide until June 30, 2017. On July 1, 2017, only the updated version will be available.

Due to these upcoming changes, we have received many questions about the Functional Annexes, General Emergency Procedures section of the EOP in nSide. With the deadline date approaching, we will be hosting free webinars on July 23rd, July 26th, July 28th, and July 30th at 12pm CST each day, in order to help those that might have questions or concerns regarding the change.

These webinars will contain information about the changes, how it affects you, transferring your information, best practices for filling out EOPs, and other important topics.

If you or any of your team would like to participate, register here!

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