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Announcing the December 2018 School Safety Summit for Alabama

The School Safety Summit will be held at the Orange Beach Event Center at the Wharf and will have a diverse group of presenters on the safety topics most important to today’s K-12, college, and university administrators.

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The Summit begins on December 3, 2018, at 8:00 am in the main hall and will have presenters, speakers, and interactive workshops for all individuals. The Summit concludes on December 4, 2018, at 5:00 pm with a question and answer period as well as individual training sessions for those who request assistance.

We have negotiated great room rates with multiple hotels for the period December 2–5, 2018 in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area. This information can be found on the registration website.

Topics to be presented and discussed by subject matter experts:

  • Active Shooter Scenarios and Training — best practices and lessons learned from across the Nation (from Sandy Hook to Parkland)
  • Transportation Safety — Bus Tracking, Communication and Reunification in times of crisis
  • Alerts and Notifications — from alerts to faculty, staff, students, parents and first responders
  • Cyber Bullying — what can you do to prevent it and what to look for with the newest technology
  • Internet Dangers to Students — how to recognize these threats and how to report them
  • Human Trafficking — how to recognize the signs and what to do when concerned

There will be in-depth training and workshops on:

  • Campus Mapping
  • Online Emergency Operations Plans
  • Transportation Safety and Bus Tracking with Bus Routes in a virtual map
  • Scenarios for lockdowns, secure the perimeter, evacuation, and shelter in place for your school

Also, demonstrations by vendors of the latest technology for:

  • Video Surveillance cameras and equipment
  • Panic Buttons/Systems
  • Electronic locking doors to harden school perimeters
  • Notification and alert systems for faculty, staff, students, and parents

And much more to come…

Hope to see everyone there! Stay tuned for updates!

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