Is Narcan Administration Part of Your Emergency Operation Plan?

CBS News released a story discussing the newest precautionary methods to prevent opioid overdose among schools in Alabama. In 2015, more than 400 overdose deaths were linked to opioid usage in state. Faculty in schools have taken initiative to instill widespread training and preparation of Narcan (naloxone), a medication designed to reverse opioid overdose, in order to ready themselves in the event of a medical emergency.

How Narcan (naloxone) is Issued

Narcan administered in school systems requires simple instructions, provided verbally by the device to the user. Although there are multiple methods, EVZIO is the chosen auto-injection device that faculty and emergency personnel are being trained to use. Once injected into the outer thigh, the device automates a countdown to secure the time necessary for disbursement.

How can you better familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose? How does naloxone inverse these effects? The National Institute of Drug Overdose produced the video below to provide guidance on these topics.

nSide in Action

nSide — The School Safety Platform is a crucial organizational element and aid to enhance school safety. With our virtual mapping process, your facility receives immediate access to location of medical kits, emergency exits, campus layout, and more. With digitization of these features and documentation of safety exercises in the EOP section, adjustments to preparation are easily manageable.

When developing a new procedure, it can often be difficult to establish a pragmatic method with adequate support. However, the nSide team is here to help. We encourage you to plan, prepare, and practice guided approaches that ensure safety for your organization and community. These three steps are recycled endlessly, to secure the emergency operation plan and strengthen the alertness and response of your team.

  • Plan your emergency procedure, to establish a firm foundation and smooth implementation of policy.
  • Prepare, by assessing any resources necessary to fulfill your plan.
  • Practice the plan you have constructed and fine-tune any miscued steps.

Is Narcan administration part of your school’s EOP?

The Emergency Operation Plan portion of nSide is where the school safety and emergency planning team document safety plans related to various crises and events that could potentially happen. Has an opioid overdose been considered as a part of your team’s emergency planning? Who would be in charge of the different elements of response in the case of such an event? Who is trained to administer Narcan to a person who has overdosed? Would you and your team know where to find a kit in the building if it was needed?

Introducing new mapping icon

With so much attention being brought to the opioid crisis nationwide, and proactive training by some schools in Alabama, the nSide team has created a new mapping icon for Narcan. This icon can be used to quickly designate the location of devices and kits on the map of your facility. Simply contact our support team on our live chat to get this added to the Emergency Equipment layer on your map.

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