nSide|Fleet + WiFi

Florence, AL – July 8, 2020 – nSide|Fleet + WiFi is intentionally designed for schools looking to prepare off campus, at-home Internet access for students facing challenges due to COVID-19.

In support of school systems seeking further assistance throughout the pandemic, Governor Kay Ivey is awarding one time funds to the Alabama State Department of Education. As a result, schools have an opportunity to utilize $10 million of this allocation to equip all school buses with WiFi capabilities that will increase internet activity and help bridge the digital divide. 

nSide is responding to these increased demands for Internet connectivity solutions by enhancing its original nSide|Fleet product. The new nSide Fleet + WiFi feature will offer Internet access and data reporting capabilities to students studying from home, as a result of COVID-19 school closures. Along with connectivity, the new product will also include a BusSOS feature to enable a panic button for drivers to use under emergency circumstances.

“Something that we emphasize a lot for our clients, is our partnership. We have a working relationship with these schools,” says Dr. Steve McKinney, CEO and Founder of nSide. “We talk about nSide as a platform, and the intent is to provide a singular, consolidated approach to school safety. Introducing nSide|Fleet + Wifi is our latest solution to meet the needs of our schools. I believe that adapting to student learning environments and filling in the gaps is crucial, and I also believe that we have a responsibility to make sure that our platform adapts over time to accommodate those specific needs.”

After noting the swift acceleration of school closures across the country, nSide began its nSide|Fleet + WiFi offerings to include a variety of features to aid school districts shifting to distance learning at-home. nSide offers unique data plans and mapping opportunities to track buses as well as provide Internet connectivity, with plans starting at 3 years and extending to 7 years. More information on nSide’s solution to school bus wifi can be found at

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